The Israeli Air Force (IAF) Air Defense Division and the US European Command (USEUCOM) have concluded exercise Juniper Falcon 2021.

The first virtual joint ballistic missile defence exercise aimed to boost military relationships between the countries through combined coordination and shared capabilities.

Juniper Falcon takes place every two years. The last iteration took place in February 2019.

Around 500 US troops and Israeli soldiers from several units across the US, Israel and Germany participated in Juniper Falcon 2021.

USAF Europe-Air Forces Africa deputy commander and Joint Task Force-Israel commander lieutenant general Steven Basham said: “It was truly incredible what the combined team was able to accomplish.

“Defence is a full-time mission and it involves an ability to flex. This year I saw first-hand the efforts on both sides to not only accomplish our mission but keep health safety a priority while doing so.

“There is no doubt that if called upon, the relationships we have built will stand strong and allow us to overcome any obstacle.”

The exercise helps improve interoperability between the two militaries and ensure readiness to respond to any contingency.

During the Juniper Falcon 2021 exercise, participants were tested on several computer-assisted simulations.

Joint Task Force-Israel Medical Logistic Coordination Cell captain Zachary Gooch said: “Our team was able to practice like we fight and look at how we can stay flexible through any potential challenge.

“Doing this with our counterparts is what really strengthens the response. The forward and main concept of deployment allows my team to get the right resources when and where we need them.”