The US and Australia have signed a Joint Vision Statement to support the development and operations of the air forces of both nations.

The bilateral pact was signed between the US Air Force’s (USAF) chief of staff general CQ Brown Jr and the Royal Australian Air Force’s (RAAF) air marshal Robert Chipman.

It was signed on 14 September in Washington, DC.

The latest signing builds on the existing strategic partnership between the two nations.

Brown said: “Signing a Joint Vision Statement represents another step in long-term, enduring commitment we have to the future and to the security of our two countries.”

The statement aims to develop an airpower that can support the common national security concepts, including deterring aggression and confronting threats, to promote a free, stable and open international system.

According to the USAF, the objectives of this statement will be achieved through information sharing, regional engagement, adapting common approaches to tackle security challenges, and the deployment of sustainable and interoperable air forces in the Indo-Pacific region.

Chipman said: “We will continue to design our forces to survive and succeed by rapidly building the capacity, concepts, and capabilities necessary for tomorrow’s emerging threats while enhancing combined operations expertise for today’s challenges.”

This US-Australian partnership is being supported by the Air Senior National Representative (ASNR) forum.

This forum was formed in 2000 to facilitate an open dialogue between the countries’ air forces. It also supports the exchange of warfighting capabilities and concepts.

ASNR is co-chaired by the USAF’s vice chief of staff and RAAF’s deputy chief.  

The principles that will be used for guiding this bilateral relationship include interoperability, purposeful collaboration, urgency and future alignment.