The US State Department has approved a $428m potential foreign military sale (FMS) of standard and non-standard aircraft spare parts to Taiwan.

The same was confirmed by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office (TECRO) in the US on 7 December.

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) has already notified the US Congress of this potential deal.

The sale package of standard spare parts covers around $330m of the total amount while the remaining $98m is for non-standard spare parts.

Apart from spare components, TERCO has requested for Cooperative Logistics Supply Support Arrangement for Taiwan’s stock replenishment supply of consumables, accessories, repair/replacement, logistics and programme support for Taiwan’s F-16 fighter jets, Ching-Kuo Indigenous Defence Fighter (IDF), C-130 tactical transport aircraft and other US-built aircraft and system/subsystems.

The aircraft spare parts will support Taiwan in the maintenance and sustainment of its aircraft fleet.

It will further bolster the country’s capabilities to counter existing and emerging adversaries, while also delivering defensive and transport capabilities to enhance regional security.

Taiwan presidential office spokesperson Xavier Chang said: “The Presidential Office thanks the US government for once again taking concrete steps to fulfil its security commitments to Taiwan in accordance with the Taiwan Relations Act and the Six Assurances.

“These parts will help our air force maintain well-equipped fighter jets, fulfil defensive combat and combat readiness training requirements, and raise our overall defence capabilities.

“Taiwan will continue to demonstrate the determination and ability to defend itself, uphold its sovereignty, and safeguard national security.”

The DSCA said that the implementation of this FMS will not require the involvement of any contractor and the deal is in accordance with the US law and policy stated under Public Law 96-8.

TERCO informed this is the seventh arms sale approved by the US for Taiwan. In April, the US approved a $95m FMS of Patriot Air Defense System support to Taiwan.