The US Air Force (USAF) has unveiled its new mission statement, ‘To fly, fight, and win … airpower anytime, anywhere’.

The service’s previous statement was ‘To fly, fight and win in air, space and cyberspace’.

The exclusion of ‘space’ and cyberspace’ in the new statement follows the formation of the US Armed Forces’ newest, sixth independent branch, the US Space Force (USSF), in 2019.

The alteration highlights the USAF’s sole focus on airpower and the key advantage and capabilities it provides to fight emerging competitors and near-peer rivals, reported technical sergeant Joshua Dewberry.

It also shows the USAF’s continued focus on maintaining core air domain missions.

USAF staff general chief Jr Charles Brown said that enlisted, officers, reservists, guardsmen and civilians participated in the consultation programme during the development of the new mission statement.

Currently, the USAF’s Total Force includes more than 689,000 airmen who provide support to all elements of airpower.

These aspects include five core missions, namely air superiority, global strike, rapid global mobility, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), and command and control (C2).

Stating the importance of Total Force in realising American airpower, USAF chief master sergeant JoAnne Bass said that all airmen, irrespective of their speciality code or career field, are responsible to deliver, support, launch and drive military airpower.

Supporting this thought, Brown said: “Delivering airpower for our nation requires more than just aircraft.

“It requires Total Force airmen, active duty, guard, reserve, civilians, in all airforce specialties, working together as a seamless team to operate, maintain and enable our mission and bring the unique capabilities and effects of airpower to bear.”