The US Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) has executed funding support for several projects under a portfolio of more than $66.6bn allocated in the fiscal year 2019 (FY19).

The projects are focused on delivering significant capabilities to troops.

The AFMC directly manages $35.3bn of the total $66.6bn funding. The remaining $31.3bn is managed at the service acquisition level and caters to science and technology, investment programmes and testing.

More than half of the command managed funding, $18.4bn, is for Centralized Asset Management.

The funding is used to streamline ‘programming, budgeting and sustainment of airforce platforms and munitions’.

AFMC financial management director and comptroller brigadier general James Peccia said: “This is a team effort, all AFMC fund holders and functional partners at the centre, installation and headquarters levels worked diligently to ensure sound execution and accountability of airforce dollars.

“We had a number of challenges this year, ranging from natural disasters to high-priority airforce funding requirements and more; nevertheless we had a good year.”

Projects supported by the funding include a $2.6m airfield painting project at the 412th Test Wing, Air Force Test Center. It also supported advanced weapon and airborne testing for electromagnetic warfare.

Funding also comprised investment in a Telescope Boom Lift at Tinker AFB, Ohio, and a realignment of $539m for the F-22 MC-80 initiative.

A further $840m in funding allocated for projects such as B-1 Lancer fatigue testing, T-1 Jayhawk engine overhaul work, and KC-135 Stratotanker programmed depot maintenance needs.

A sizeable portion was also provided for construction projects, including the renovation of US Air Force Academy chapel, runway rehabilitation at Hill AFB, and a new air traffic control tower at Tinker AFB.