The US Air Force’s (USAF) Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) has reached initial operational capability (IOC) for its support to the US Space Force (USSF).

This milestone was declared on 1 October this year.

Over the past year, a set of steps were undertaken by the USAF and USSF to help in achieving the designation of AFMC as a servicing major command (MAJCOM) for the USSF.

Among these actions featured a programming plan, which was approved this summer.

This programming plan detailed the functional support to be provided to airmen attached to the USSF, by the AFMC.

During the declaration of the IOC, an agreement was signed between the Department of the Air Force (DAF) and USSF.

The functions to be carried out and the workforce who will be serviced by AFMC were also then identified.

In a press statement, the USAF stated: “As the servicing MAJCOM, AFMC will accomplish the roles and responsibilities traditionally performed by a major command for the airmen supporting the space force.

“These major command functions typically include, but are not limited to, providing policy guidance; professional development opportunities/guidance; developmental team representation; and functional-specific roles.”

According to the USAF, some 8,000 airmen deployed to installations and units of the USSF will be serviced by the Air Force Materiel Command in due course.

Full operational capability (FOC) is expected to be reached by fall next year.

FOC will be only achieved once all functional areas are completely supported by AFMC, and it has filled in all the positions needed to offer servicing major command support to US Space Force airmen.

The DAF has launched this first-time servicing MAJCOM structure so that space force-assigned airmen receive the same force development opportunities and other functional support as those deployed at USAF installations.

In August this year, the US Space Force officially established the second field command that will be responsible for developing and procuring resilient space capabilities for troops.