The US Air Forces Central (AFCENT) has carried out a Bomber Task Force (BTF) mission with other partner nations to reinforce joint regional security commitment. 

Conducted on 12 March, the latest operation involved integration of a US Air Force’s (USAF) B-52H Stratofortress strategic bomber aircraft, assigned to the 23rd Bomb Squadron, with the fighter escort aircraft from seven different allied and partner nations.

The coalition aircraft were traversing through the US Central Command area of responsibility (AOR).

Ninth Air Force deputy commander major general Mark Slocum said: “The coalition conducts these integration events over partner nation airspace to expand our combined global reach and military power projection capabilities.”

According to AFCENT, the recent activity validated the short-notice deployment capabilities of the US and partner nations’ forces and their assets to undertake missions to enhance regional security and collaborative airpower in the region.

Such coalition BTF mission are carried out by the US AFCENT on a regular basis to strengthen regional partnership with allied nations. However, each mission has its own unique set of planning and execution strategies.

Slocum added: “Each mission of this length and complexity succeeds by the efforts of our professional airmen around the globe.

“From those who maintain or fly these bomber, tanker and fighter aircraft, to those behind the scenes who provide the weather forecasts and mission planning for this intricate sequence of escort and refuelling across the region, each BTF we execute allows us to cooperate and practice key operational tasks with our partners.

“This BTF, like many others, continues and deepens a trajectory of collaboration and solidarity with coalition and partner forces.”

Last month, the USAF’s B-52H aircraft commenced routine BTF mission 23-2 in Europe.