Russian aerospace and defence company Tupolev, a division of the United Aircraft Corporation, has delivered another Tu-22M3 long-range supersonic bomber.

The missile carrier bomber has been delivered to the Russian Long Range Aerospace Forces after the completion of testing, as well as minor repair and upgrade works carried out under service bulletins in Kazan aviation factory workshops.

Following the aircraft modifications, all ground and flight tests of the Tu-22М3 bomber were successfully carried out at the KAZ flight-test centre.

The bomber also conducted a flight to the basing location after completing operational readiness, acceptance and check flights.

Tupolev’s Tu-22M3 long-range carrier is intended to reach ground and sea targets within the full range of the aircraft speeds at high, medium and low altitude.

“The Tupolev bomber has a maximum take-off weight of 124t and a maximum speed of 2000km per hour.”

The 42.46m-long multi-mode bomber-missile aircraft has been designed to defeat sea and ground targets at a distance of up to 2200km from the home aerodrome using guided missiles and aviation bombs.

With a height of 11.05m, the Tupolev bomber has a maximum take-off weight of 124t and a maximum speed of 2000km per hour.

The first Tu-22M3 prototype conducted its maiden flight on 20 June 1977, and the aircraft was put into serial production after carrying out flight development tests in 1978.

Having entered service in 1989, about 500 Tu-22M aircraft of various modifications have been constructed at the Kazan Aviation manufacturing group.