Triumph has been contracted to supply main landing gear rotary actuators for the US Air Force’s (USAF) C-5 Galaxy aircraft.

The two-year contract worth $22.9m was awarded by Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Aviation.

Under the contract, Triumph will deliver aftermarket spare rotary actuators for the main landing gear on the C-5 Galaxy aircraft, which is one of the largest aircraft in the world.

Triumph Integrated Systems executive vice-president Tom Holzthum said: “We are honoured to be selected as a sole source supplier for these operation-critical parts on the C-5 Galaxy aircraft, the US Air Force’s largest and only strategic airlifter, and to support the service men and women who depend on the aircraft.”

Triumph Geared Solutions, an operating company of Triumph Integrated Systems, will manufacture spare rotary actuators at the company’s facility in Park City, Utah, US.

“The C-5 Galaxy can carry more cargo further distances than any other aircraft.”

It is involved in the design, development, manufacture and aftermarket support of complete gearbox assemblies, transmissions, gear-driven actuators and precision gears for commercial and military customers.

The C-5 Galaxy can carry more cargo further distances than any other aircraft.

With a payload of six mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicles (MRAPs) or up to five helicopters, the C-5 can haul twice as much cargo as any other airlifter, Lockheed Martin stated.

The 75.53m-long aircraft has a wingspan of 67.91m and can travel at a normal cruise speed of Mach 0.77.