Terma has completed the deliveries of missile warning system (MWS) and 3D-Audio upgrades for the F-16 aircraft of Belgian Defence (BD) and the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF).

In January, BD awarded a contract to Terma for the modification of F-16 pylons to a Pylon Integrated Dispensing System (PIDS+) configuration. The contract also included the Terma Aircraft Audio Management System (AAMS).

Following the installation, the systems are now operational in both Belgium and the Netherlands.

The pylon installation allows the rotation of MWS assets between jets without losing any weapon stations.

Terma noted that the installation improves the self-protection of the fighter jets and gives a warning to pilots of missiles approaching the aircraft.

The MWS enables aircraft to detect and decoy attacking missiles. It comprises a total of six sensors and one processor.

Belgian and Dutch F-16s are equipped with Hensoldt’s AN/AAR-60 (V) 2 MILDS F missile warning system integrated into Terma’s weapon pylon PIDS+.

The AN/AAR-60 (V) 2 MILDS F is a passive imaging sensor that can detect the ultraviolet (UV) radiation signature of missiles coming towards the aircraft.

It offers improved protection against anti-aircraft missiles such as the shoulder-fired infrared-guided missile.

Hensoldt was awarded a contract by Terma in February for the MWS.

“The MWS enables aircraft to detect and decoy attacking missiles.”

In addition to the Netherlands and Belgium, the pylon-based MWS is used in Denmark and Norway.

In a statement, Terma said: “Without MWS, the pilot will not get any warning unless he physically sees the missile coming towards him. Thus, the MWS is a great improvement of the situational awareness, and it reduces workload as the MWS is always looking for missiles.”

The F16s are also equipped with the Terma 3D-Audio system to enhance the pilot’s situational awareness.

The audio system is designed to alert the pilot with a tone in the true direction of the missile.