Terma has inaugurated a newly expanded electronic warfare (EW) technology repair facility at the Royal Netherlands Air Force’s (RNLAF) Main Support Base Woensdrecht.

The support and test centre has doubled in size to perform the testing and repair of Terma’s EW ALQ-213 equipment, which is used across most aircraft platforms of the RNLAF.

Terma executive vice-president and chief commercial officer Steen Lynenskjold said: “Terma’s continued commitment to being strongly represented at Main Support Base Woensdrecht must also be seen in the light of the fact that this base will play an important role in the support of the European F-35 fleet.

“To be close to companies and suppliers that have established themselves at the base is of eminent importance.

“Our Dutch footprint is a strategic important asset in the arena of F-35 sustainment for the European F-35 fleet.”

Terma EW support centre has been testing ALQ-213 units since its establishment at Woensdrecht in 2010.

“This base will play an important role in the support of the European F-35 fleet.”

The facilities, which are in line with the company standards, operated generic EW Test Station equipment.

In 2016, the capabilities at Terma Woensdrecht were expanded and a qualification programme was implemented for staff to be certified to conduct repairs according to the company standard documentation.

The package of EW products that can be serviced at the centre was also expanded to include the electronic warfare controller unit (EWCU), the tactical data unit (TDU), the advanced threat display (ATD), and programmable interference blanker unit (PIBU).