Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) has successfully carried out the first test flight of its Hürkuş-B aircraft at the company facility.

Designed and developed by TAI, the Hürkuş-B is expected to be included into service with the Turkish Armed Forces in the middle of this year after the aircraft conducts 90 flight hours of planned sorties.

With the completion of successful test flight, the aircraft will undergo other significant tests such as engine, avionics, stability, and flight test execution.

TAI president and chief executive officer Dr Temel Kotil said: “Hürkuş-B is 100kg lighter, faster, more modern, and stronger than Hürkuş-A. This version has a more stable and comprehensive design.”

While the Hürkuş-A aircraft was developed by TAI for civilian use, the upgraded Hürkuş-B aircraft is built particularly to be deployed with the Turkish Armed Forces.

The aircraft cockpit and the entire range of systems such as ejection seat, oxygen support, and landing gears weight resistance, installed on Hürküş-B have been designed as a jet cockpit.

“Hürkuş-B is 100kg lighter, faster, more modern, and stronger than Hürkuş-A.”

Turkey’s Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM) has announced on Twitter that the deliveries of Hürkuş B aircraft prototypes are scheduled to commence in June.

The aircraft is being produced in order to meet the 15 new-generation trainer aircraft requirement of the Turkish Air Force.

The Hürkuş B trainers are a more cost-effective alternative to jet trainers as the operating costs of flying a turboprop are lower compared to that of flying a jet.

TAI’s Hürkuş-C is developed for light attack / armed reconnaissance missions.