SimiGon has received a contract from the US Air Force (USAF) to provide virtual reality (VR) systems for training at Columbus Air Force Base.

The contract is part of the USAF’s innovation effort and strengthens the company’s position as a provider of virtual and mixed reality technologies for training, SimiGon noted.

SimiGon president and CEO Ami Vizer said: “This VR systems supply contract is a natural fit for SimiGon, as we’ve been active in VR for almost two decades. SimiGon is well-positioned to support USAF’s innovation efforts in the VR realm.

“We expect this contract to lead to additional VR supplier opportunities in the USAF and in the government and commercial training space.”

The company stated that this contract will allow it to expand to Columbus, Mississippi, an undergraduate pilot training (UPT) airbase.

The contract comes a week after SimiGon received a contract to provide SIMbox-based T-6A mixed reality (MR) training devices for USAF UPT at Laughlin Air Force Base.

MR combines virtual and physical worlds to improve pilot training.

The MR devices will allow pilot trainees to see their hands physically interact with the simulated cockpit while being fully immersed in a high-fidelity virtual environment.

SimiGon’s Distributed Mission Training (DMT) technologies will allow for individual and collective training in formation and tactical scenarios.

Meanwhile, the company’s advanced data analytics capabilities will enable instructors to track the progress made by trainees.

Vizer said: “The USAF’s increased use of the company’s technology and MR solutions for its training pipeline demonstrates the many advantages of SIMbox as a scalable, comprehensive training system.”

SIMbox is a software platform that can be used to create, modify, manage and deploy simulation-based content.

It features three main environments, SIMbox Toolkit, SIMbox Server, and SIMbox Runtime.