The Texas-based rotorcraft company, Schweizer, has signed two representatives in South America. Boncor in Equador and Global Business Logistics (GBL) in Peru.

The American company is the original equipment manufacturer of the Schweizer S300, S300CBi, and S333 helicopters. Sikorsky purchased Schweizer in 2004 – before Lockheed Martin purchased the holding company in 2015. Schweizer operated until 2018 when Schweizer RSG purchased the company.

Representation in South America

Boncor is a firm with more than 35 years representing aerospace companies to both military and civilian entities. The firm has overseen sales to the Ecuadorian air force, navy, and army. Over the years it has represented Dassault, Safran Helicopter Engines, Sabena Technics.

“Our country demands a high-level of pilot training, especially in the area of search and rescue.

“With this in mind, we identified Schweizer’s helicopters as the perfect fit both in terms of aircraft performance as well as efficient parts and logistics support,” the General Manager of Bonco said.

In Peru, GBL will represent Schweizer. The company has strong business relationships with manufacturers and Latin American military, government, and civilian aircraft operators.

GBL Founder George Busse stated: “We are deeply privileged to be associated with a renowned brand known for its exceptional helicopters, which has set a benchmark of excellence in the industry.”

In addition to aircraft sales, GBL provides training programmes, maintenance assistance, and prompt availability of spare parts to support its customers.

Schweizer President and CEO David Horton stated: “As demand for our proven and reliable helicopters grows, so has the need to ensure we have representation around the world to facilitate sales, government bidding, and 24/7/365 focused customer support and service for every Schweizer operator.

“We are thrilled to welcome Boncor and GBL to the family as we continue to build our worldwide representation.”