Sarcos Defense has entered a collaboration with BAE Systems to develop new capabilities for Air Force Research Laboratory’s (AFRL) autonomous platforms.

As agreed, the two companies will work to develop advanced perception and sensing capabilities for AFRL autonomous platforms to benefit US Department of Defense (DoD) operations.

The move comes after Sarcos and BAE Systems FAST Labs secured a $1.699m contract from AFRL to work on a collaborative sensing platform.

The platform will seek to address issues related to the coordination of individual and multiple cooperating heterogeneous autonomous platforms such as uncrewed aircraft systems (UASs) and uncrewed ground vehicles (UGVs) with standard multi-modal sensors.

It will leverage environmental inputs, as well as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies to improve coordination among the autonomous platforms.

Additionally, the platform will enhance situational awareness and help in the accurate detection of time-critical objects in unstructured environments.

Sarcos advanced systems and AI chief scientist Dr Denis Garagić said: “This collaboration represents an exciting opportunity to bring together a team of world-renowned experts from both academia and DoD contractor organisations to develop a solution that will enable the military and other entities to operate autonomous platforms with greater speed and efficacy.

“This project has wide-reaching implications, enabling safer and much more accurate deployments of autonomous platforms while improving data quality and overall operational efficiency. At Sarcos, we believe this technology will also assist us with the operation of our own technologies, including our CYTAR AI platform for autonomous robots.”

Sarcos Defense is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sarcos Robotics, which focuses on the development of robotic systems.

Last year, the company received a contract to support the development of human-scale dexterous robotic systems for the US Air Force (USAF).