The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) is testing an improved Command and Control Information System (CCIS) at Exercise Forging Sabre 2021 (XFS21).

The command post (CP) at the exercise has been equipped with the CCIS.

The system is being tested at the exercise to minimise the sensor-shooter cycle and effectively assign resources for more accurate strike results.

According to the Singapore Ministry of Defence (MINDEF), the Decision Support System (DSS)-enabled CCIS is designed to improve the SAF’s sense and strike capabilities.

Using technologies such as data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), and weapon-to-target matching algorithms, the CCIS provides a real-time and accurate picture of the sense and strike assets to the commanders.

The CCIS consists of ‘Mission Portal’, ‘Recommendations of Warfighting Solutions’ and ‘Mission Parameters’ features.

The mission portal allows commanders to make informed decisions as it provides them with a real-time status of the strike assets.

To destroy specific target types, the CCIS employs AI to recommend combat solutions.

The CCIS-generated combat solutions are clubbed with corresponding mission parameters, such as ‘timeliness and survivability’.

XFS21 is a biennial integrated sense and strike exercise that involves the participation of some 600 personnel from the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) and 200 personnel from the Singapore Army.

A suite of SAF strike assets is also participating in the exercise.