Saab announced that its Brazilian Aerostructures plant has achieved a milestone by producing its first aerostructure for the Gripen E fighter jet.

Assuntosmilitares reported that Saab Aeronáutica Montagens (SAM) will deliver the Gripen E tail cone to Linköping in Sweden for final assembly.

SAM will produce 72 tail cones, of which 36 are for the Brazilian Gripen E/F aircraft.

Saab Aerostructures plant general director Marcelo Lima was quoted by the news agency as saying: “This milestone represents a new phase of the work, which began with the presentation of the plant three and a half years ago. This is a great achievement for the entire SAM team.”

Marcelo noted that under the ‘Gripen Technology Transfer Programme’ around 50% of assembly staff were trained in Sweden.

In June, the tail cone began its transition from the design phase to the production stage.

Saab noted that tail cone’s production logged a total of 200-man hours.

Factory operations director Ola Rosén was quoted by Assuntosmilitares as saying: “In addition to following Saab’s already recognised quality process, we also try here to optimise them for better results.”

SAM will also produce aerodynamic brakes, wing casket, rear and front fuselage for Gripen.

In October, the first F-39E Gripen fighter jet developed by Saab was officially presented by the Brazilian Air Force (FAB).

Saab has also proposed Gripen for Canada’s Future Fighter Capability Project.