Russian fighter jets MiG-29M/M2 and MiG-35 are set to be equipped with the new automatic control system.

Developed by engineers of MiG incorporated into UAC, the new military aircraft automatic landing system has received the patent.

This innovative technology will also be integrated into new aircraft developed by MiG.

The newly developed digital landing system enhances flight safety in adverse weather environments and conditions.

It is designed to allow the pilot to hold the glide path in an automatic mode and descend to the ground until visibility conditions improve.

Furthermore, the developed system includes multiple innovative units, drives, and systems. The system is also installed with navigation and measuring complexes.

The new aircraft landing system has undergone flight tests and proved effective with the pilot’s positive assessment.

MiG Corporation director-general Ilya Tarasenko said: “We are planning to integrate the new automatic landing system, developed by our engineers, into the up-to-date and perspective MiG aviation complexes.

Integration work is currently ongoing with a focus on the aviation hardware’s safety and effectiveness.

The MiG-35 multirole aircraft is the newest fighter jet. It has been designed to destroy air targets and disrupt moving and stationary ground (surface) targets.

The Russian Federation has ordered for the pre-production prototypes of MiG-35 aircraft.

The MiG-29M (single-seat) and MiG-29M2 (double seat) aircraft are ‘4++’ generation multi-role fighters with the extended range.

These aircraft have increased weapons load stored at nine external hardpoints with increased internal fuel capacity.