The Russian Aerospace Forces’ (VKS) is set to receive two MI-8MTV5-1 helicopters by the end of this month.

The two modernised MI-8MTV5-1 helicopters are fitted with on-board defence systems. They will be handed over to the Russian military base in Kyrgyzstan.

Additionally, the helicopters’ cockpit will be equipped with lighting devices modified to allow the use of night-vision goggles.

This will help the VKS in conducting night flights at low and extremely low altitudes, including take-offs and landings on locations that are not designated.

Pilots of the MI-8 helicopter have already undergone theoretical and practical training. It involved combat training and retraining of army aviation crews in the Tver Region.

Once upgraded, the new helicopters will serve as replacements for the older models that are operational at the base.

The Russian military base in Kant operates SU-25 attack aircraft and MI-8 helicopters.

It acts as the Collective Rapid Reaction Force’s aviation element for the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO).

The Mi-8MTV-5 is a military transport helicopter powered by VK-2500 turboshaft engines. It can be deployed for missions in hot climates and high altitudes.

Earlier this week, the crew members of the VKS’ Tu-160 supersonic strategic bomber and Il-78 long-range aircraft conducted night refuelling in the air.

The flight training was performed in the airspace over the Volga region in Russia.