The armed forces of Russia and Serbia have completed the joint military air defence exercise Slavic Shield 2021.

A closing ceremony of the exercise was held at the Serbian airbase Batainitsa.

The exercise is aimed at boosting the combat skills of parties and personnel involved in joint tasks performances.

Units of the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Serbian Air Force and Air Defence Forces equipped with the Pantsir-S anti-aircraft missile and gun system took part in the drills.

A Serbian anti-aircraft missile unit equipped with Neva-M1T complexes also participated.

The Russian-Serbian mixed air defence group executed tasks related to combat alert duty in air defence of Belgrade, the Batajnica airbase, as well as the Central Industrial Region of Serbia.

In a statement, the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation said that the units of the joint air defence group repulsed a large airstrike of a mock enemy in a complex interfering environment.

This activity destroyed all air targets with electronic launches of anti-aircraft missile systems.

Pantsir anti-aircraft missile and gun system’s crew of the Russian Aerospace Forces have made a 170km drill to the new positional area.

The crew performed a live firing at the training ground Pasulyanske-Levade.

Topics of interaction and joint combat use of air defence units of the Aerospace Forces of the Russian Federation, as well as the Air Force of the Republic of Serbia, were executed during the exercise.

In September last year, Serbia suspended all military exercises with foreign partners for six months citing ‘tremendous’ pressure from the European Union.