German electronics company Rohde and Schwarz will present its latest and advanced military airborne radio at the aerospace trade fair ILA Berlin this year.

The new R&S SDAR software-defined radio provides secure broadband voice and data communications for network-centric operations that enable ‘customers to remain as flexible as possible’.

Rohde and Schwarz’s high-end R&S SDAR military airborne radio will extend the company’s successful R&S M3AR family of airborne radio.

With the deployment of the latest high data rate, Internet Protocol (IP) based radio, customers will be able to attain information superiority in network-centric operations.

The R&S SDAR airborne system, together with latest waveforms, allows for simultaneous broadband voice and data transmission, in addition to the creation of nationalised solutions.

The open system architecture of the R&S SDAR military radio is also based on the international Software Communications Architecture (SCA) standard and enables government customers to independently develop, adapt and port their own waveforms with encryption.

“Rohde and Schwarz’s R&S M3AR airborne radio has a frequency range varying from 30MHz-400MHz.”

The system provides customers with advanced command and control (C2) capabilities that help attain total situation awareness.

The German company is currently claimed to be the only market provider whose military software defined radios comply with both civil and military avionics standards, providing full independence for unrestricted joint civil-military operations.

Rohde and Schwarz’s R&S M3AR airborne radio has a frequency range varying from 30MHz-400MHz.

It is compact and lightweight, and has high transmit power of up to 20W in AM mode and up to 30W in FM mode.