The US Air Force (USAF) Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) has selected Rockwell Collins for the delivery of the latest version of the digital global positioning system (GPS) anti-jam receiver (DIGAR).

The receivers are expected to offer highly reliable navigation capabilities for the US Air National Guard and the US Air Force Reserve F-16 Fighting Falcon combat aircraft operating in challenging electromagnetic environments.

The USAF’s F-16 will become the first fighter jet to be integrated with the latest version of the Rockwell-built equipment.

Rockwell Collins communication, navigation and electronic warfare solutions vice-president and general manager Troy Brunk said: “As enemies continue to find new ways to affect the ability to navigate, the latest DIGAR will provide the highest level of protection available so our warfighters can execute missions with precision and accuracy.”

“DIGAR features up to 16 simultaneous steered beams that provide military aircraft with enhanced jamming immunity even in extreme GPS-challenged environments.”

Developed based on open systems architecture, DIGAR can be used across a wide range of aircraft platforms, which include rotary wing, fixed-wing fighter, bomber, transport aircraft and small to large unmanned aerial systems.

The receiver can be integrated on to the aircraft without the need to modify the existing operational flight programmes or A-kit aircraft wiring.

This will help reduce the risk and cost involved in upgrading and modifying the F-16 with the DIGAR system.

Built on advanced GPS anti-jam weapons technology and signal processing techniques, DIGAR features up to 16 simultaneous steered beams that provide military aircraft with enhanced jamming immunity even in extreme and GPS-challenged environments.

Over the last ten years, the company has delivered more than 100,000 anti-jam receivers across different weapons, aircraft and soldier systems.

In August last year, Rockwell Collins delivered the DIGAR airborne anti-spoofing technology to the USAF Special Operations Command.