Rheinmetall has been contracted to deliver more cargo hold simulators for the Airbus A400M European transport aircraft.

The simulators will be used by the German Air Force to train its A400M aircraft personnel.

Last month, Airbus contracted Rheinmetall Electronics to supply two additional training simulators for the European A400M.

The two simulators will be delivered by the end of next year or early 2023.

Airbus A400M is a military transport aircraft designed to carry loads to tactical locations.

The military transporter is designed to meet the requirements of Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Luxembourg and British airforces.

In Wunstorf airbase, Air Transport Squadron 62 will receive an A400M Cargo Hold Part Task Trainer (CPTT) to augment the A400M training centre’s existing set of simulation and training systems.

The CPTT includes the advanced Cargo Hold Trainer Enhanced (CHT-E), used for training cargo hold personnel, especially loadmasters and ground staff.

Rheinmetall also noted that a second CPTT will be installed at the Airmobile and Air Transport School in Altenstadt. The system will train airfreight handling personnel and paratroopers.

The A400M CPTT is a ‘full-scale replica’ of the A400M cargo hold.

In addition to CPTT, Rheinmetall has supplied various A400M user nations with other cargo training equipment. These include the Loadmaster Workstation Trainer (LMWST) and the CHT-E.

In 2019, Rheinmetall supplied the first A400M CPTT to the Royal Malaysian Air Force.