British Royal Air Force (RAF) Typhoon FGR4 fighter jets have used Storm Shadow missiles against Daesh targets south-west of Erbil city in northern Iraq.

A series of airstrikes were carried out from 10 to 12 March followed by another airstrike on 14 March in support of Iraqi ground forces.

Following the identification of several caves used by Daesh, Iraqi forces requested the RAF conduct the airstrikes.

Storm Shadow missiles were first launched by two RAF Typhoons after undertaking a check to confirm no presence of civilians in the area.

Surveillance of the sites confirmed that the weapons completed the mission with precise strikes.

In addition, two Typhoons used six Paveway IV guided bombs to conduct precision attacks in additional locations in the same area.

According to the RAF, additional airstrikes using eight Paveway IV bombs were carried out on another group of Daesh-held caves.

Furthermore, six more Paveway IVs were launched against additional targets on 14 March.

The British Armed Forces is part of an 83-member global coalition that seeks to prevent a terrorist resurgence in Iraq.

It is deployed to the Middle East to support Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Forces to counter Daesh operations.

Operation Shader is the code name used for the UK contribution to the US-led mission against Daesh in Iraq.