The Royal Air Force (RAF) has announced that a Chinook CH47 helicopter has transported new radar components to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar.

The RAF Chinook CH47 from RAF Odiham station delivered the fragile equipment to the top of the Upper Rock, which is located in the British territory of Gibraltar. The radar equipment is essential in securing the airspace for military airfields.

According to the RAF statement, the task was a part of a larger project that involves upgrading air traffic management systems across 65 units in the UK and different parts of the world.

It was carried out by aircrew from 27 Squadron.

RAF Gibraltar Station Commander Wing Commander Doherty said: “I am genuinely delighted at the manner in which this difficult task has been achieved, safely.

“A talented and very broad team have ensured that disruption to the people of Gibraltar was minimised and military operations were uninterrupted.”

Based at RAF Odiham, the 27 Squadron offers tactical air transport to different RAF missions across the globe. 

The unit’s Chinook helicopters are capable of carrying up to 55 people or ten tonnes of mixed cargo.

RAF’s current Chinook fleet includes Mk 4, Mk 5, Mk 6 and Mk 6A aircraft.

Recently, RAF announced that its newest fifth-generation F-35B Lightning fighter jets have joined Nato’s Enhanced Vigilance patrols.

The multi-role, stealth fighter jets from RAF Marham participated in Nato’s air defence policing mission for the first time following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.