The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) has announced that its F/A-18A/B Hornets will support two exercises.

Around seven fighter jets from No 75 Squadron have already arrived at RAAF’s Base Pearce.

Starting 23 February, the Hornets will fly for two weeks in support of exercises Phoenix Black and Nigrum Pugio.

The exercises have been designed to enhance the Australian Defence Forces (ADF) combat-ready Joint Terminal Attack Controller qualified personnel skill level and effectiveness.

Phoenix Black and Nigrum Pugio will involve real-time mission scenarios for the ADF.

RAAF 75 Squadron commanding officer wing commander Pete Robinson said: “Exercise scenarios provide a significant training opportunity for fast jet aircrew to hone and maintain their skills, resulting in highly skilled personnel who are operationally ready.

“Practice bombing and gunnery will occur in the first week and explosive ordnance will be expended in the second week, all within a controlled environment.”

The exercise will also provide an opportunity for junior aircrew at Number 2 Flying Training School and Number 79 Squadron to understand how fast jet squadrons operate.

On the way to the designated RAAF base, the Hornets may stop at Broome International Airport for refuelling requirements.

The aircraft is scheduled to return to RAAF Base Tindal on 7 March.

Robinson added: “These exercises represent important training for defence personnel and we are grateful for the community’s ongoing support.”