UK-headquartered science and engineering company QinetiQ has closed the acquisition of defence services company Air Affairs Australia.

Air Affairs will now operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of QinetiQ in Australia.

The initial agreement for this transaction was signed between the companies on 4 October.

The newly acquired defence services company will further establish QinetiQ as a strategic partner for the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

The new addition will allow QinetiQ to deliver services related to threat representation, personnel training and test and evaluation (T&E).

Air Affairs will also support QinetiQ in strengthening its strategic position as a service provider for defence and commercial customers in the Australian market.

QinetiQ Group CEO Steve Wadey said: “The acquisition further strengthens our long-term strategic partnership with ADF and underpins our market-leading position in T&E and air threat representation globally.

“The acquisition is an excellent strategic and cultural fit that grows our revenues in Australia by 40% and further reinforces the focus of our growth strategy on our six distinctive offerings in our three home countries, delivering mission-critical solutions for customers.”

Apart from air threat representation and T&E, Air Affairs also specialises in providing uncrewed targets, mission rehearsal, targets and training services, as well as electronic warfare capabilities to the ADF.

Air Affairs currently owns and operates a special mission aircraft fleet and has an advanced manufacturing and engineering facility that provides design, manufacture and certification services.

Furthermore, the company also supports government firefighting operations by delivering aerial surveillance and reconnaissance services.

Air Affairs Australia CEO Chris Sievers said: “We are looking forward to working together to deliver even greater value to Defence and industry customers.”