Black Diamond Advanced Technology has been awarded a contract for delivery of its Modular Tactical System (MTS) to the US Air Force/Air Force Materiel Command Aeronautical Systems Center.

The systems delivered under the unspecified, firm fixed-price contract will be integrated into the Battlefield Air Operations (BAO) Operator Control System (OCS) – a dismounted, precision-strike and communications-control solution used primarily by the US Air Force Special Operations Forces (AFSOC).

The MTS will enable AFSOC’s Special Tactics Squadrons, Combat Control Teams, Tactical Air Control Party and Guardian Angel pararescue personnel to satisfy stringent digitally aided close air support requirements, which are necessary for participation in future US and joint operations across the globe.

Designed to provide dismounted soldiers with an ultra-rugged, wearable capability for a variety of operations, the MTS is a multi-mission system that supports C4ISR, situational awareness, precision targeting and common control missions.

Featuring a patent-pending cable-management cummerbund system, the device brings control of mission-critical peripherals to a central display, eliminating battery and equipment redundancies, thus reducing the logistical burden.

The system will help the command’s personnel fulfil their OCS requirements, which includes a wearable vest with cable runs, cables, power manager, as well as a computer.

Since 2010, the system has been deployed by the AFSOC’s personnel for explosive ordnance disposal, unmanned aircraft system or unmanned ground vehicle control missions in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, in Afghanistan.

The AFSOC’s BAO kit programme aims to upgrade the existing equipment suite of the battlefield airmen in five areas, which include communications, computers, human input/output, power generation and management and software.