The US Air Force (USAF) has awarded a contract to MicroTech for establishing geospatial remote sensing and data creation in the Air Force Central Command’s (AFCENT) area of responsibility (AOR).

Under the contract, the company will set up digital mapping of all potential air force’s locations in support of Headquarters Air Combat Command (ACC), which is located at Langley Air Force Base (AFB) in Virginia, US.

The company will utilise a GeoBase, a single, accurate and secure authoritative mapping service, to offer digital mapping and will leverage the expeditionary site mapping (ESM) application for data development.

Commenting on the award, MicroTech president and CEO Tony Jimenez said the ESM support will increase the air force’s mission success by reducing the risks to the personnel, while simultaneously enhancing their operational readiness.

Serving as a crucial part of potential air force’s base selection process, the ESM provides military decision-makers with advance geospatial information of potential forward operating locations (FOLs) during deliberate and crisis planning phases in an effort to lower personnel risks.

Geo-enabled common installation pictures (CIPs) of all natural and built infrastructures encompassing the FOL runways will also be created by the company to help ensure the FOLs address the air force’s mission requirements.

Microtech will use commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) geographic information system applications for CIPs generation, which are scheduled to be employed in direct support of the service’s Global Mobility and Agile Combat Support Concept of Operation requirements.