463L pallet

AAR has been awarded a contract to supply additional 463L specialised air cargo pallets (ACPs) to the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD).

The ACPs delivered under the $13.8m contract are expected to be used on an array of transport aircraft in conjunction with the MoD’s cargo handling systems to transport supplies in aircraft, within airfreight terminals, and on motorised and non-motorised vehicles.

Specifically, the 10,000lb-capacity plates will be deployed on fixed-wing aircraft, such as C-130J Super Hercules, C-17A Globemaster III, KC1TriStar, KC-30Voyager, A400M Atlas and the Antonov An-124 military transport aircraft.

AAR Mobility Systems general manager Mark Platko said the 463L pallets will be used across all environments where the UK military operates.

"This award further strengthens AAR’s reputation as a worldwide leader in the manufacture of products that support military transport and logistics requirements," Platko said.

The company has been supplying 463L pallets to the UK MoD for more than a decade.

"The company has been supplying 463L pallets to the UK MoD for more than a decade."

Also known as the HCU-6/E pallet, the 463L pallet is a common size platform for bundling and moving air cargo, and also serves as the primary air cargo pallet for the US and other air forces, and many civilian cargo transport aircraft worldwide.

Fully equipped for locking pallets into cargo aircraft rail systems for restraint during flight, the plate is specifically designed for palletizing and transporting air cargo on roller-type conveyors in terminals, restraint rails and roller conveyors in aircraft, and on cargo loading and unloading systems on ground vehicles.

Work under the contract is scheduled to be carried out by AAR’s Mobility Systems business in Cadillac, US, while deliveries will take place over the next four years.

Image: A 463L system pallet being extracted by a pilot chute from a C-130 Hercules aircraft during an airdrop mission. Photo: courtesy of DefenseImagery.

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