Russia’s Rostec company Technodinamika has reportedly secured a contract to supply new auxiliary power units (APUs) for the Indian Air Force’s (IAF) Ilyushin-76 (IL-76) fleet.

Under the terms of the agreement, Technodinamika will supply nine auxiliary power units for the South-Asian nation’s fleet of IL-76 aircraft, reported Press Trust of India (PTI).

JSC Technodinamika CEO Maxim Kuzyuk was quoted by the news agency as saying: "In the very near future we are going to open a service centre in India.

"In the very near future we are going to open a service centre in India."

"It will be arranged in compliance with the principles of the ‘Make in India’ programme, under which aircraft repair and maintenance will be localised in India."

Having registered with the IAF in February last year, the company’s Aircraft Service Centre is eligible to bid for component delivery, aircraft maintenance, and repair services.

About 28 IL-76 medium-range military transport aircraft are currently used by the IAF, reported the agency.

In June last year, the company won a bid to modernise 11 APUs for the IAF’s IL-76 and its derivatives.

Also, the IAF has already approved the first two APUs that were upgraded by Technodinamika.

Available in several design variations, including the basic IL-76, IL-76M, IL-76MD and the IL-76-MF, the aircraft features equipped with a defensive aids suite, comprising radar warning, jammers, infrared flare cartridges, chaff dispenser and two guns with a fire-control radar. Aerial bombs or radio beacons are suspended from external bomb racks on detachable pylons.

In terms of design, aerodynamic configuration and flight performance characteristics, the IL-76M version virtually resembles the IL-76 basic aircraft, but has a maximum payload of 47t, compared to 28t for the IL-76.