SFC Energy has been awarded a contract to mature its new, portable 50W Jenny fuel cell power generator to production readiness for the US Air Force (USAF).

Under the terms of the $1m contract, the company will optimise the generator to address the USAF’s specific requirements, in addition to lowering its weight by a considerable extent.

Carried out in collaboration with the air force, the effort will also ruggedise the generator, which is a derivative of the company’s DMFC fuel cell technology for defence and security applications, for deployment in the harshest military environments.

Commenting on the award, SFC Energy CEO Dr Peter Podesser said the contract will certify the portable fuel cell technology as ready for field operations with the USAF.

"It proves the attractiveness of our integrated portable and mobile power solutions for strategic defense and government applications, where the reliable availability of power is of utmost importance for the success of a mission,” Podesser added.

SFC Energy, a US-based subsidiary of SFC Energy AG, has collaborated with the USAF on the development and production of portable power solutions since 2003.

The portable 25W fuel cell generator, known as Jenny 600S, has been deployed for operations since 2005 by multiple international military organisations worldwide.

Transported by a single person, the Jenny 600S is a miniaturised, lightweight portable fuel cell designed to power batteries or other military electrical equipment in the battlefield.

When operated together with the SFC Power Manager, the generator is capable of creating a highly efficient energy network, which will allow recharging of up to four batteries simultaneously.