The Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) has placed an order for two additional EC725 multirole utility helicopters.

The additional aircraft are being acquired as part of Phase III of the fleet strengthening programme initiated in 2012.

The two new Airbus Helicopters-built helicopters will be delivered in 2019.

These helicopters will join its existing operating fleet of four EC725s, with two more to be delivered this year.

Airbus Helicopters Southeast Asia and Pacific region head Philippe Monteux said: “This latest contract marks the great confidence the RTAF has placed in the EC725 and its proven capabilities to fulfil its most challenging missions.

“We are honoured to be a partner of the RTAF’s fleet modernisation and strengthening efforts and we remain committed to ensure full support and comprehensive services to the RTAF.”

The RTAF’s EC725s are specially equipped with fast roping, cargo sling, search light and electro-optical systems (EOS) to perform combat search-and-rescue (CSAR) missions, search and rescue (SAR) flights, troop transport operations and other tasks, the company said.

"The two new Airbus Helicopters-built helicopters will be delivered in 2019."

The twin-engine multirole utility helicopter features navigation and mission systems such as digital four-axis autopilot to deliver better flight autonomy.

It is currently in service with the armed forces of France, Brazil, Mexico, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

Kuwait has also recently placed an order for 30 EC725 helicopters.

Image: The RTAF’s EC725s helicopters . Photo: © Airbus Helicopters.