721S radio

Park Controls & Communications has selected Rockwell Collins’ new 721S fixed site ground radio to serve as an integral part of an advanced telemetry system for the Indian Air Force (IAF).
The move represents the first time selection of the 721S radio for the Indian military.
Rockwell Collins India managing director Ram Prasad said, ”In addition to being the preferred replacement radio for 17,000 fielded GRC-171 UHF air traffic control radios, the flexibility of the software-designed, IP-based 721S lends itself to seamless integration in a multitude of applications.”
A drop-in, software-defined radio replacement for the legacy Rockwell Collins AN/GRC-171 communications system, the 721S very/ultra high frequency (V/UHF) radio provides reliable and long-range communications that can be optimised for complex operational conditions.

"The move represents the first time selection of the 721S radio for the Indian military."

Weighing 60% less than its predecessor, the high-power radio transceiver needs only five minutes for installation, and is claimed to provide AM and FM frequency coverage in any specific band up to the entire 30MHz to 512MHz range.
Fully interoperable with coalition forces’ legacy radios, the 721S radio comes equipped with a new remote control feature that enables users to upgrade their installations for ‘lights out’ operation, thereby lowering manpower requirements.
Additionally, the radio features Rockwell Collins’ patented Clarity technology, which is designed to eliminate background noise in both transmit and receive modes and provide four times the communications coverage compared to traditional radios.

Image: The 721S radio will serve as an integral part of the Indian Air Force’s advanced telemetry system. Photo: courtesy of Rockwell Collins.

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