King Air B200 aircraft

CAE has been awarded a contract to deliver Beechcraft King Air 200 simulators to the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) in support of the Interim Advanced Pilot Training Capability (IPTC) project.

The five-year lease contract, which also features an additional five-year option, was awarded at the Australian International Air Show and Aerospace & Defence Exposition 2013, which is currently underway in Avlon, Australia.

As part of the contract, the company will supply a Beechcraft King Air 200 ProLine 21 CAE Simfinity virtual simulator (VSIM) classroom and B200 computer-based training (CBT) systems to the air force.

The company will install and support the CAE Simfinity VSIM at RNZAF Base Ohakea, New Zealand, to support classroom training for the RNZAF’s Beechcraft King Air 200 aircraft.

RNZAF Air Force chief air vice-marshal Peter Stockwell said: "The simulation services provided by CAE will play a key role in modernising the training of RNZAF pilots under the IPTC programme."

"King Air 200 aircraft are used by RNZAF’s No.42 Squadron for single-pilot (IFR) and multi-engine pilot training missions."

CAE Australia managing director Peter Redman said: "By using the CAE Simfinity VSIM, you can offload pilot training events to more cost-effective training devices, making more efficient use of the aircraft."

Belonging to CAE Simfinity training media suite, the CAE Simfinity VSIM is primarily designed for familiarisation and procedural training as pilots can "learn by doing" prior to the start of training sessions in a full-flight simulator or aircraft.

Suitable for either self-paced or instructor-led training, the simulator leverages full-fidelity simulation software to deliver a fully integrated training solution to the trainee pilots.

The simulator also features the CAE Simfinity Flight Management System Trainer that is capable of integrating complete flight management system (FMS) capabilities, such as navigation display rendering of routes and navigation aids.

The King Air 200 aircraft are used by RNZAF’s No.42 Squadron for single-pilot (IFR) and multi-engine pilot training missions.

Image: Beechcraft King Air B200 aircraft during flight. Photo courtesy of MilborneOne.

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