PCP/IMCP system

MBDA has handed over the first platoon command post (PCP) and improved missile control post (IMCP) air defence command and control (C2) systems to an undisclosed export customer.

The PCP and IMCP systems were launched at IDEX 2011 exhibition in Abu Dhabi, UAE. They serve as the first air defence sections enabling the operation and coordination of Mistral and / or vertical launch missile d’interception, de combat et d’autodéfense (VL MICA) systems.

MBDA CEO Antoine Bouvier said: "The PCP and MCP systems that we are delivering today are at the forefront of C2 technology.

"The fact that MBDA is able to deliver these first units within the timeframe announced at the launch of the programme in 2011, is another proof of the company’s unequalled experience in the air defence domain."

"The PCP and MCP systems that MBDA are delivering are at the forefront of C2 technology."

The PCP module derives from the VL MICA system’s tactical operations centre. It is used for the command and control of multi-layered surface-to-air units, including ground-based air defence (GBAD) systems.

If necessary, the module provides the interface with systems or other sources responsible for coordinating the air space as well with other PCP modules deployed in the neighbouring zones.

An upgraded version of the Mistral Coordination Post, the IMCP features a powerful computer and advanced 3D radar that can detect, identify, and simultaneously track up to 200 aerial targets at ranges of up to 80km.

The IMCP module is capable of integrating within a shelter mounted on an all-terrain vehicle. It provides the detection, identification, and target tracking functions for the PCP system.

Production of the remaining systems under contract will be carried out over the next two years, while the delivery schedule remains undisclosed.

Image: The PCP and IMCP systems enable the operation and coordination of Mistral and / or VL MICA systems. Photo: courtesy of MBDA, Laurent Guichardon. .