The US Air Force (USAF) has awarded a multi-million dollar Forge contract to MacAulay-Brown (MacB) to support the 90th Information Operations Squadron (IOS), located at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland in Texas, US.

The award follows a Guardian contract previously secured by the company in August 2012, to supply unique and integrated cyber capabilities to support the 90th IOS’s overall mission requirements.

William Pratt, MacB Information Dominance Division senior vice president, said the company will play a significant role in ensuring the protection of USAF against cyber attacks, as part of the Forge and Guardian contracts.

"The 90th IOS is on the front lines of the cybersecurity threat that faces the Air Force’s critical communications networks," Pratt added.

Under the new contract, the company will carry out tasks involving software development of computer security technologies that are required to support law enforcement (LE) and counter-intelligence (CI) investigations and operations throughout their lifecycle.

As part of the Guardian contract, MacB will design and develop cyber capabilities to support the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI), LE and CI organisations, which is also expected to help Air Force Network Defenders and AFOSI Computer Crime Investigators (CCIs) during the detection, containment, collection, analysis and reverse engineering of malicious malwares.

The 90th IOS is responsible for delivery of tools and real-time cyber capability support needed for effective identification and elimination of threats to air force personnel, weapons, communication network across the globe.

The command creates network modelling and simulation for joint and air force cyber exercises, developmental test, operational assessment and innovative concept exploration, apart from defending the USAF’s share of the Global Information Grid, used by servicemen and contractors for communication, planning and operation.