Polish F-16 jet

Lockheed Martin has submitted a bid for a Polish Ministry of Defence tender to establish new integrated aircrew training systems (IATS) in the country.

Involving the creation of an advanced pilot and aircrew training centre for Polish Air Force in Deblin, the proposal aims to introduce a new technology-based training programme, which the company claims will produce agile and adaptable aircrew.

Lockheed proposes to use the T-50 advanced jet trainers in the training programme as the aircraft is expected to enable trainees to experience the intensity of G-forces, and make quick decisions in air, while providing information management levels required by the operational aircrew.

The aircraft also eliminates the fighter pilot bridge course, or operational conversion unit, and graduates pilots from training aircraft directly to frontline operational duties, according to the company.

The T-50 is the ideal training partner for Poland’s F-16 and fifth-generation F-35 Lightning II fighters.

Lockheed Martin Mission Systems and Training business UK and Europe director Al Potter said the T-50 is the ideal training partner for Poland’s F-16 and fifth-generation F-35 Lightning II fighters.

"It has the ability to shape the future direction of Poland’s aircrew training system for the next 20 to 30 years," he added.

”Support equipment required for the T-50 is similar to that already used for Polish Air Force F-16s and this reduces costs.

”In addition, the aircraft’s digital systems can easily be upgraded and adapted to suit emerging training needs over its service life, generating further long-term cost savings.”

The T-50 will be complemented by the Deblin’s training centre that will combine computer-based training, classroom instruction and real-time training to optimise flight hours and training costs.

The centre’s services can also be tapped by neighbouring countries who do not want to invest in similar training facilities of their own.

Image: A Polish Air Force’s F-16C block 52+ aircraft stationed at 31st Air Base Poznan-Krzesiny in Poznan. Poland. Photo: Radomil talk.

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