The US Air Force’s Eglin Base 33rd Fighter Wing has received the first of five F-35 Lightning II weapons load training devices from Lockheed Martin.

The device has been installed at the F-35 integrated pilot-and-maintenance training centre (ITC) to provide training on loading munitions, fuel tanks and missile systems onto the aircraft.

Joanne Puglisi, F-35 training and support director at Lockheed’s Global Training and Logistics business, said: "We are focused on delivering an agile training capability to the newest crop of fifth-generation pilots and maintainers."

The F-35 ITC received the first two F-35 full mission simulators, which accurately replicate all F-35 sensors and weapons deployment, earlier this year.

The Eglin ITC features the latest interactive courseware, electronic classrooms, desktop simulators and high-fidelity training devices.