C-17 Globemaster

The US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) has notified Congress of a potential foreign military sale (FMS) of C-17 Globemaster III aircraft to Kuwait.

Under the estimated $371m sale, Kuwait has requested the supply of one C-17 Globemaster III aircraft, along with four turbofan F117-PW-100 engines, one AN/AAR-47 missile approach warning system, one AN/ALE-47 countermeasure dispenser set (CMDS), secure radios and precision navigation equipment.

Additional equipment includes spare and repair parts, support and test equipment, personnel training and training equipment, aircraft fuel, technical and logistics support services as well as related elements of initial and follow-on logistical and programme support.

Representing the second C-17 to be provided to Kuwait, the aircraft will provide Kuwaiti Air Force (KAF) with a more robust regional and long-range strategic airlift capability, enabling them to better participate in humanitarian support operations.

The potential sale will also improve the US foreign policy and national security objectives by improving interoperability among the KAF, the US Air Force, Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and other coalition forces.

Congress was also notified by the agency for a follow-on contractor logistics support for Nato Airlift Management Program C-17 aircraft to a Nato consortium.

The estimated $300m FMS seeks the supply of additional contractor logistics support, including a global reach improvement programme, alternate mission equipment, spare and repair parts, support equipment, personnel training and training equipment, and logistics support for Nato Airlift Management Program C-17 aircraft to Sweden and Finland.

The support will be used by the Nato Airlift Management Program Office to continue to maintain and operate the Nato C-17s to increase capability, usability, and deployability of its forces worldwide.

Boeing will serve as prime contractor for both the FMS programmes.

The C-17 Globemaster is designed to conduct rapid strategic airlift of troops and supply palleted cargo to main operating bases or forward operating bases worldwide.

Image: A USAF’s C-17 Globemaster III aircraft during its flight.

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