Kratos Defense & Security Solutions has been awarded a contract extension to continue the provision of ground system components for the US Air Force’s (USAF) next-generation operational control system (GPS OCX) programme.

The $1m contract brings the total OCX contract awards secured to date by Kratos RT Logic to more than $4m.

RT Logic serves as the primary equipment supplier for the command and control (C2) portion of OCX, and provides software front end processor (FEP) units and air force satellite control network (AFSCN) gateways.

Specifically, the company supplies net-centric software products to GPS OCX prime contractor, Raytheon, for C2 of the GPS III satellites using next-generation IP cryptosystems.

"The IP cryptosystems use industry-standard IP interfaces to eliminate the requirement for custom serial interfaces."

The IP cryptosystems use industry-standard IP interfaces to eliminate the requirement for custom serial interfaces, simplifying integration challenges and enhancing reliability, as well as reducing transition risk and cost.

In addition, the company will also construct a high fidelity lab environment that simulates the GPS mission string, to enable Raytheon to cost-effectively resolve issues, integrate and simulate new functionality and maintain the system without impacting the operational mission or regression testing schedules.

Being developed by Raytheon in two blocks using a commercial best practice iterative software development process as part of a contract awarded in February 2010, OCX will facilitate launch, orbit insertion, checkout, anomaly resolution and disposal of GPS III satellites.

Integrated with built-in automation and compact service-oriented architecture, the advanced operational gateway service is believed to provide the GPS constellation with command, control and mission management, and improved defence against existing and future cyber threats.

Under development by Lockheed Martin, the GPS III is a family of next-generation satellites designed to replace USAF’s existing GPS constellation, which provides location and time information in all weather conditions.

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