Saft has been awarded a contract to continue the delivery of maintenance-free nickel-based aircraft batteries to Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI).

Under the contract, the company will supply an undisclosed number of aviation maintenance-free batteries (AMFB) for use on the KAI T-50/A-50 series combat aircraft.

The agreement enables Saft to continue the provision of a single interface for the supply of batteries for T-50/A-50 fixed-wing jet aircraft.

Saft America Aviation director Bruce McRae said: "With this contract, Saft reinforces its presence in the supply of batteries for both the aviation and defence industries.

"Saft’s AMFB technology® continues to be a superior solution for KAI and its customers."

Comprising leak-proof thermo-welded cells, seam-welded plate tabs and copper cell links and terminals, the nickel-based AMFBs provide a nominal voltage of 24V, and are also constructed using superior separator material and a semi-flooded membrane design.

"The batteries perform well in all conditions and provide electrical reliability in extreme temperatures."

Renowned for their safety throughout their extended service life, the batteries perform well in all conditions and provide electrical reliability in extreme temperatures.

A fast-emerging competitor in both military and commercial aviation markets, KAI is currently providing an indigenous source of advanced jet aircraft to the Republic of Korea Air Force and the military forces of Indonesia, Iraq and Philippines.

Deliveries under the contract, whose value remains undisclosed, are scheduled to take place throughout 2014.

Jointly manufactured by KAI and Lockheed Martin, the T-50 Golden Eagle is a supersonic advanced trainer and multirole light fighter designed to provide pilot training for existing and new-generation fighters, such as the F-16, F22 and the F-35 joint strike fighter.

The T/A-50 is the same baseline version as the T-50, with added fire-control radar, weapon delivery software, wingtip missile launch rails and an internal 20mm gun.

Image: Saft will supply maintenance-free nickel-based batteries for KAI’s T-50/A-50 series aircraft. Photo: © Saft 2014.

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