The Iranian Ministry of Defence is currently manufacturing a new long-range air-to-air missile system called Maqsoud to counter airborne threats, Iranian armed forces general staff deputy head brigadier general Mohammad Hejazi has announced.

Hejazi was quoted by Fars News Agency as saying: "Iran has accomplished construction of the mid-range air-to-air Fakour 90 missile and is now building Maqsoud missile system as its newest long-range air-to-air missile system."

Without providing additional details about the missile, Hejazi noted that the Iranian armed forces is currently working on 17 air-based weapons system development projects, alongside 11 top level projects in the aerospace industry.

Addressing a conference on air-launched weaponry in Tehran, Hejazi also announced that the military experts have resolved targeting problem in the domestically manufactured air-based Qader and Nasr missile systems providing the Iranian armed forces with enhanced manoeuvring power.

The missile systems were unveiled last week during a ceremony in Tehran, according to the news agency.

Commenting on the missiles, Iranian defence minister brigadier general Hossein Dehqan said: "By designing and building these air-based missiles for the first time in Iran, the air force’s fighter jets will be equipped with advanced air-based Qader missiles with a range of over 200km and air-based Nasr missiles with a range of over 35km and their operational and deterrence power will increase powerfully."

The Qader and Nasr missiles are capable of intercepting targets located within a range of 200km and 35km respectively, Dehqan added.

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