The US Air Force (USAF) has awarded a contract to Gatekeeper Systems for the supply of its high-definition (HD) airborne digital video recorder.

Under the terms of the sub-contract awarded through Stirling Computers Corporation, the company will provide 25 Viperfish SDI-1 HD airborne digital video recorders to the USAF.

Delivery under the contract is expected to take place within ninety days of the purchase order being received.

"We are thrilled with the new contract award for our latest airborne digital video recorders."

Gatekeeper Systems president and CEO Doug Dyment said: "We are thrilled with the new contract award for our latest airborne digital video recorders.

"Integrating with L3 Wescam’s MX-15Di sensor on the Gunship opens new opportunities for us.

"We are pleased with our new alliance with Stirling who has a proven track record of over $100m in contract awards with the Department of Defense and we congratulate them on winning this competitive bid contract."

The Viperfish recorder is designed to comply with the military standards such as electromagnetic interference and explosive environment.

Equipped with post-mission analysis software, the recorder allows the operators to view recorded or live video with a complete integrated sensor package.

This provides them with a total operating picture while in the field or at command and control centres.

The Viperfish recorders are currently in use on the USAF AC-130 Gunships, Canadian Navy Sea King Helicopters, and the French Navy.

Previously, the company was contracted by the USAF to provide airborne digital video recorders for its fleet of AC-130 Gunships through its Deep Development Corporation division.