Selex ES has been awarded a contract for the production and delivery of additional precision approach radar (PAR) systems to the French Air Force (ALAT).

"More than 50 PAR systems have been delivered to date by the company to several international customers."

Awarded by the French Direction Géneral de l’Armement (DGA), the €22m contract covers delivery of a total of six 2090 fixed configuration (CF) PAR systems, along with post sales logistic support to the air force, which already uses 15 systems.

The latest contract reaffirms the company’s reliability and the air force’s confidence in the company and its products, according to the company.

Manufactured using commercial-of-the-shelf (COTS) components, the PAR 2090CF is an X-band radar designed to assist pilots during approach phases of flight by providing accurate and simultaneous tracking of more than 32 targets, including aircraft and ground objects beyond International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) requirements.

Capable of controlling up to eight runways with a field-of-view of 10° in elevation and +/-15 azimuth coverage, the fixed sheltered radar features a radar head and presentation subsystem.

Equipped with two reflector antennas, the radar head scans the coverage volume, whereas the presentation subsystem is installed with two consoles to present accurate target position to the air traffic controller.

A dual redundant fibre optic link or radio link is also present to support commands, video and data links between the subsystems.

Available in both naval and land versions, the radar enables the aircraft to make precise instrumental landing even in extreme environments, such as intense rain, wind, fog and poor visibility.

More than 50 PAR systems have been delivered to date by the company to several international customers, including the Italian and Swiss air forces, as part of combined €31m contracts received in 2010.

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