Eurosam has signed an agreement with Turkish firms Aselsan and Roketsan to co-operate in the field of air and missile defence development.

Under the agreed terms, the companies will conduct a definition study with the Turkish Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM) on a long-range air and missile defence system that is expected be launched in the coming months.

The future Turkish air and missile system will be built based on Eurosam’s technologies and its more than 25 years of experience in building ground and naval systems using the Aster missile.

"We have laid the foundation of a long-term cooperation between Eurosam and the Turkish defence industry."

The programme will see an investment of €11bn.

The Eurosam-built systems are currently in service with France and Italy to address adverse air threats.

Eurosam CEO Michel Vigneras said: “The Italian Army has deployed two Eurosam-built SAMP/T firing units since June 2016 as part of Nato’s contribution to the defence of Turkey and its people against potential missile threats from beyond Nato’s southeastern flank.

“Today’s agreement is a clear demonstration of the willingness and readiness of our three companies to build further on the strong defence cooperation commitments already in place and to work together as equal partners, towards a common goal and sharing full and entire responsibility vis-à-vis the Turkish authorities. I am confident that today, we have laid the foundation of a long-term cooperation between Eurosam and the Turkish defence industry.”

Aselsan’s product range includes communication and information technologies; radar and electronic warfare; electro-optics; avionics; unmanned systems; land, naval and weapon systems; air defence and missile systems; and command and control systems.

Roketsan is involved in the development and production of rockets and missiles.

Image: Eurosam signs an agreement on long-term cooperation with Turkish companies. Photo: courtesy of Eurosam.