Data Link Solutions (DLS), a joint venture of Rockwell Collins and BAE Systems, has been selected by the Republic of Korea Air Force to provide its multifunctional information distribution system – low volume terminals (MIDS-LVTs).

DLS director, Mike Beltrani, said: "This contract enables a critical military requirement for the Republic of Korea Air Force F-16s to meet their data link network requirements."

Under the $5.5m contract, DLS will provide MIDS-LVTs for installation on Air Force F-16 aircraft to enhance information management capability and improve mission effectiveness and survivability.

The MIDS-LVT is an advanced Link-16 command, control, communications, and intelligence (C3I) system incorporating high-capacity, jam-resistant, digital communication links for exchange of near real-time tactical information, including both data and voice.

The terminals have been designed to support key theatre functions such as surveillance, identification, air control, weapons engagement coordination, and direction for all the services and allied forces.

The system also provides secure, high capacity, jam resistant capability for US Navy, US Air Force, US Army platforms, and platforms serving France, Italy, Germany and Spain.

The MIDS LVT features two major line replaceable units, the receiver / transmitter and the remote power supply and is used for a wide variety of airborne, ground, and maritime applications.

Production of MIDS LVTs began in October 2001, and the system is currently managed by the US Navy.

Work will be carried out in Wayne, New Jersey, and Cedar Rapids, Iowa, US while the deliveries, which began in late 2011, will continue through 2014.