F-16 MLU aircraft

Vision Systems International (VSI) has been awarded a contract to supply its Night Vision Cueing and Display-Aviator’s Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVCD-ANVIS) to the Royal Danish Air Force’s (RDAF).

The systems will be installed onto the RDAF’s F-16A/B Fighting Falcon aircraft fleet.

The systems are intended to enhance the fighter’s Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS), improving its night-attack capability during both air-to-air and air-to-ground missions.

VSI president Phil King said the contract represents continuation of the 12-year-long strategic relationship between the company and the air force.

"NVCD-ANVIS answers an urgent operational requirement for international JHMCS users. Its ease of operation and straight-forward installation makes it a natural extension for current JHMCS users," King added.

NVCD/ANVIS enables the pilots to precisely cue weapons and sensors against enemy aircraft and ground targets during night time operations, by directly displaying the JHMCS targeting cues and aircraft performance parameters on the night vision goggles (NVGs) image.

The system has successfully demonstrated its capabilities during four flight tests, of which the first was conducted by the RDAF pilots in an F-16 MLU M5 configuration aircraft in July 2011.

The system reportedly provided tactical information and situational awareness to the pilots during 300 hours of flight operations during Unified Protector 2011, where the RDAF participated in the UN enforcement of the no fly zone in Libya.

A total of 77 F-16A/B fighters were purchased by Denmark in two major batches and two attrition replacement orders, and currently 30 aircraft are used for air defence, attack, training and reconnaissance missions.

Image: A Royal Danish Air Force’s F-16 MLU aircraft being displayed at 2005 Radom Air Show. Photo: courtesy of Przemyslaw BlueshadeIdzkiewicz.