P5CTS system

Cubic Defense Systems has received a contract to supply its P5 combat training system (P5CTS) to the Royal Moroccan Air Force.

Under the terms of the $5m contract, awarded by the US Air Force (USAF), the company will supply P5CTS system for use by Moroccan pilots who fly the recently-delivered F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft.

With the contract, Morocco joins the US Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps, along with a number of international air forces, in using the P5CTS to support high-fidelity, TOPGUN-style live and post-mission training.

Cubic Defense Systems president Dave Schmitz said the contract is a demonstration of the company’s commitment to the air combat readiness of one of the US’ allies.

"Cubic is dedicated to provide and develop best-in-class, cost-effective, advanced flight training for pilot mission readiness," Schmitz said.

"All foreign air forces that fly fighter or attack jets or conduct joint exercises and training with the US should have a P5 system to maximise their training capabilities."

"The contract is a demonstration of the company’s commitment to the air combat readiness of one of the US’ allies."

Cubic will be the prime contractor responsible for performance in all areas of systems engineering, and for development / integration / installation of the ground instrumentation subsystem.

The company has also subcontracted DRS Training & Control Systems for design, development, production and aircraft integration of the P5CTS airborne instrumentation subsystem.

The P5 combat trainer is designed to provide real-time training for air-to-air, air-to-ground and surface-to-air combat missions by recording mission data, relay time, space and positioning information between participating aircraft during training sorties.

Key components of the fifth-generation system include GPS-enabled aircraft-mounted airborne instrumentation packages and ground stations, which will help aircrew to conduct, monitor and control air combat training and post-flight debriefing in addition to the flexibility to carry out anywhere, anytime training capability.

Image: A USAF personnel puts the automatic air collision avoidance system data cartridge into the P5 Combat Training System at Edwards Air Force Base, US. Photo: courtesy of Christian Turner.

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