Embraer KC-390 Military transport aircraft
Embraer has selected Cobham to design and supply the aerial refuelling receiver probe for the Brazilian Air Force’s KC-390 tactical military transport and tanker aircraft.

The aerial refuelling receiver probe transfers the fuel to other aircraft during flight and allows the receiver aircraft to remain airborne for longer, extending its range or flight time on station.

Under the contract, the company will also provide design and supply support activities for the KC-390 development programme as well as options for the supply of production aircraft equipment.

Cobham’s lightweight fixed probe solution is expected to better suit the high fuel rate delivery requirements of the KC-390 aircraft.

The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) signed a $1.3bn contract agreement with Embraer in April 2009 to provide 28 KC-390 military jet transport aircraft over seven years to replace the existing 22 Lockheed Martin C-130E/Hs and KC-130s.

The Embraer KC-390 is a twin-engine, medium-lift military transport aircraft designed to perform troop and cargo transport in Antarctica and Amazon regions, aerial delivery, in-flight refuelling, search and rescue (SAR) and medical evacuation missions.

The aircraft features advanced avionics and dual HUD, a full-featured mission system including accurate computed air release point (CARP), a complete self-protection system and a complete self-defence system.

Chile’s national aeronautical enterprise Empresa Nacional de Aeronautica (ENAER) has also signed an agreement with Embraer to jointly develop the KC-390 military transport jet for the Chilean Air Force.

The first flight of the KC-390 aircraft is expected by 2014, followed by entry into service by the end of 2015.

Cobham has recently received a separate contract from Embraer to develop and supply wing-mounted aerial refuelling pods for the aircraft.

Image Caption: The Embraer KC-390 aircraft can perform aerial delivery, in-flight refuelling, search and rescue (SAR) and medical evacuation missions.